Elecnor awards Bidatek for the manufacture of the process water plant and wastewater treatment plant in the new biomass electric cogeneration plant in gante

BIDATEK INGENIERIA AMBIENTAL has been the successful bidder for the manufacture of the water treatment and effluent treatment plants of the new Electric Cogeneration Plant project using biomass “BIOMASS PLANT GENTSE WARMTE CENTRALE” that ELECNOR is carrying out in Ghent, Belgium.

The project to be accomplished by BIDATEK includes the design and manufacture of two plants: a containerized plant for the treatment of wastewater and the other for the treatment of water for industrial use.

This water plant for industrial use is compounded of 4 modules and the treatment process includes:

    • Dosing of chemical reagents
    • Pretreatment by double filtration using AFM and activated carbon
    • A first step reverse osmosis treatment
    • CO2 degassing process
    • A second step reverse osmosis treatment
    • Electrodeionization (EDI)


The goal of this treatment is to obtain water of the highest quality to be used in the electricity generation process of the new plant that is being built for BELGIAN ECO ENERGY (BEE), gas and electricity company specialized in renewable energy, in the port of Ghent.