The modular wastewater treatment plant for Sonatrach is ready for shipment to Algeria

The modular containerized wastewater treatment plant designed and manufactured by BIDATEK WATER SOLUTIONS for SONATRACH, Algerian State Oil Company, is already completed and waits for be shipped shortly. The plant has a biological treatment with SBR technology and incorporates a tertiary treatment that will allows the reuse of the water for irrigation and agricultural activities.

After a preliminary treatment by a sieve for large solids and a separation of sand, grease and oils, the sewage falls by gravity into a homogenization tank and from there is pumped to a rotating sieve. Then, the water goes to a SBR biological reactor, where all operations is carried out in the same tank, working as a biological reactor and as a separation system.

Afterwards, the water receives a tertiary treatment by means of a double filtration of sand and activated carbon and a UV disinfection. This will allow the reusing of the water in agricultural activities and irrigation of green areas.